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Also, see Microsoft article Add, modify, or delete registry entries by using a .reg file to know how to create a .reg file. After reading through the article, you should be able to check if your .reg file contents are legitimate. This post tells you how to fix the .reg file import error in Windows.

Select the Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC option. Before you can specify a different source, you’ll need an install.wim or install.esd file from another computer, bootable installation media, or ISO file. Also, it’s important that the source of the known good files matches the same version, edition, and language of Windows 10 that you’re using on your computer.

Top 5 Methods To Fix The Registry That Has Got Corrupt In Windows 10

Please note that the user’s registry hives are not backed up automatically. These hives are stored in each directory with a user profile in the NTUSER.DAT and USRCLASS.DAT files and you need to take it copies yourself. The system automatically saves a Windows 10 backup copy of some registry hives to the folder %windir%System32configRegBack. Although the above command should be enough to fix an installation, there are a lot of SFC commands that you can use to repair Windows 10. The instructions outlined above to use DISM will repair any issues with the local hidden image, but they won’t fix any problems with the actual installation of Windows 10.

However, now that you have a healthy image, you can use it with the System File Checker to repair common issues preventing your device from running correctly. Alternatively, if you have an encrypted install.esd image from a recent upgrade, you can use it to repair the damaged files. Once you complete the steps, the command will scan and repair any issues using the install.wim image that you specified.

If there are issues, then you can use DISM with the RestoreHealth option, which will run an advanced scan and repair any problems automatically. In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to use the DISM and SFC tools with Command Prompt to bring your device back to a healthy working state. However, anyone can also use the tool to fix common problems with the hidden recovery image on your computer. In this guide, we’ll show you the steps to repair the Windows image to fix the installation using System File Checker (SFC). You can register your server component in the Windows Registry in one of several ways.

  • On Windows 9x computers, it was possible that a very large Registry could slow down the computer’s start-up time.
  • However, in complex scenarios where malware such as spyware, adware, and viruses are involved, the removal of system-critical files may result.
  • However this is less of an issue with NT-based operating systems (including Windows XP and Vista), due to a different on-disk structure of the Registry, improved memory management, and indexing.

If the folders are displayed as icons or thumbnails click the View option on the main toolbar and click on Details to give a more detailed view of the files. This type of error usually indicated that the pc has refused to start because of a corruption within the registry. However, it is important that you replace all five registry hives. Simply replacing one or two could, potentially, cause other problems. Click the Windows Start button and select "Run." Enter "cmd" into the text box displayed and then press the "OK" button to open the Windows command prompt.

Windows 98

The “Bad System Config Info” error is one of the most frequent “blue screen of death” errors on Windows 10, 8, and 7. It is a bug check error message that tells you Windows is having trouble processing something. Finding the culprit is usually the hard part, but it is often an issue that is easily fixable. At last, you have to push Scan for affected programs button. The scan will display all the drivers and program that will be removed, wing32.dll the ones that will not operate correctly after recovering.

When you try to import a registry file (.reg) by double-clicking it or by using the Import option from within the Registry Editor, the following error occurs. Also to open Command prompt you can boot your PC from Windows 10 distribution DVD disk or flash drive and on the first installation screen press Shift + F10 (on some laptops Shift + Fn + F10).