The statute must contain a specification of the beneficiary/beneficiaries or a method for designating such a beneficiary/beneficiaries. Any natural person or legal entity may become a beneficiary. The statute may specify that if a specific person is not eligible to become a beneficiary (e.g. due to death or not satisfying specified conditions), another person will become a beneficiary. The statute will thus define a set of entitled individuals who will become or may become beneficiaries of the trust fund in the future. Pokračovat ve čtení „Beneficiary“


The trustee has the full authority to administer/manage trust fund assets. Any person with legal capacity may become a trustee. A legal entity may become a trustee only if the law explicitly allows this. The trustee is obliged to look after and increase fund assets and to fulfil the purpose of the fund. He/she can invest fund assets, but always within the scope of careful management and in light of any restrictions specified by the statute. Pokračovat ve čtení „Trustee“