If execution proceedings are initiated against me, can it affect the property in a trust fund?

No, it can’t; property allocated to a trust fund does not belong to you and is part of the trust fund managed by the trustee. This property has no owner, only an administrator; only the beneficiaries have the right to payment from a trust fund. Property in a trust fund is therefore completely untouchable by execution or insolvency, and so the establishment of a trust fund is appropriate to protect against such risks.

However, the problem arises, for example, if you allocate your assets to a trust fund shortly before insolvency or if the court recognises that the sole reason for its establishment was protection from creditors, while at the same time, you make the trust fund revocable, or you are the beneficiary of your own trust fund; your right to payment from the fund will then be subject to execution or insolvency.

In addition, you can expose yourself to the risk of criminal liability for the offence of damage caused to the creditor.